Tracking anonymously is an option available to Premium subscribers. It allows you to automatically track new stories of people you are interested in. That is, all new stories will be sent to you either by email or in a Telegram bot.

You can try it for free! Click "Try for free", enter your data, pay 1 ruble, and use it for free for 7 days!


🦾 Unlimited number of background checks
You can request data on any person without limit

You will be able to subscribe to a user and the bot will automatically send their new stories

You don't get messages of an advertising nature.

Just choose the right term.

Premium for 7 days
$10   $3.99 !

Premium for 1 month
$25   $13.99 !

Premium for 3 months
$80   $39.99 !

Premium for one year
$250   $119.99 !

Go to the Telegram bot for anonymous Instagram browsing and get 7 days Premuim access for FREE.

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